Are You a Denim Head Too?

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I’m a denim head. A big, huge, lovely denim head! And I have been ever since I could choose what to wear. I love to find denim with gorgeously nuanced fades, blue is not just blue to me. I have become obsessed with 100% cotton denim, and I love to track down vintage Levi’s that grip my waist and slip over my hips. Oh yes, I love me some denim.

After recently hitting up some Value Villages and finding an array of amazing vintage Levi’s– you can see some of those vintage jeans, and new ones, in my feature picture above–I decided to count my current amount of jeans. I have 18! I haven’t had this many jeans I loved to wear ever. Years ago when a friend was visiting from Europe I did a major denim overhaul, I was obsessed with Parasuco at the time, and it hasn’t been since then that I’ve had so many jeans. But these jeans are for sure keepers, as real denim heads know, like leather, denim gets hotter with age. 

My major denim icon is…

Photograph by Norman Seeff

Cher, particularly these images of her in the 1970’s taken by famed photographer Norman Seeff, has been my denim icon vision for the past 5 years.

Since I saw these photographs a few years ago I’ve been eager to find jeans that fit me just like these hug Cher’s shape, and I am pleased to say I’ve found a few, which includes a modern remake of the 1969 Levi’s Orange Tag classic, which I got for over fifty percent off at the Bay, and four others I found at Value Village. Thank you VV! These were all under twenty dollars, one was only twelve, and two of them are near replicas of these. 

Jeans are ninety percent of my style!

I realized today that I don’t own a pair of dress pants, jeans are literally the only pants I wear. I dress them up with edgy leather jackets and down with tees. I pretty them up with breezy print blouses and add rugged tomboy glam with camo. And I have to say that when I’m in one of my hot pairs of jeans and lipstick, because I do enjoy comfy mom jeans as well, I feel like I am the hottest woman in the world. 

In the right denim, a girl can conquer the world.


Levi's Denim Jeans in three shades of blue

Shades of Blue! Image by Chaka V.

So show — or tell — me what your denim obsession looks like! Are you a denim head too? Then please share! How many Jeans do you have?

And welcome to the Lightest of Grey Style blog! I’m glad you came. Chaka

Photograph by Norman Seeff



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