Author Chaka V. Grier

Always giving you a bit of the ooh la la la, while writing about the good stuff!

For fellow ardent recyclers like myself, finding the right place to recycle products often involves a frustrating search. But I have to say that I feel so rewarded when I do find the correct recycling program. After years of keeping burnt lightbulbs in my storage room in hopes of finding a place to recycle them, I discovered that Ikea recycles lightbulbs of all kinds.  So, on a day that I was running errands I dropped off a bag full of burnt bulbs, and it felt great! Thanks, Ikea!

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”  Frank Lloyd Wright I am team mother nature all the way! The beauty, power and absolute wonder of nature can not ever be challenged or replicated by woman or man. And though I like to feel that I do the best I can to leave a light footprint as I walk this earth, I’m inspired to do more and be better every time I discover environmentalists like the cool, badass women and men of Bandit Patrol!  A few weeks ago I stumbled upon Nat Geo Wild’s Bandit…

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